Aye, it's dreich!

The word dreich has been voted the most iconic Scottish word in a recent survey by the Scottish Book Trust. 

Perhaps it's not surprising that a word to describe typical Scottish weather topped the poll, but what else made the top 10?

You'll find the full list below, but if Scots words tickle your fancy, why not check out the Scots books we have for sale, or if you're looking for something useful as well as verbal, try our Gie it Laldy mug range!

Top 10 Scots words

Dreich - tedious; damp and wet

Glaikit - stupid or foolish

Scunnered - disgust or strong dislike

Shoogle - shake or move from side to side

Wheesht - call for quiet or silence

Fankle - to tangle or mix-up

Outwith - outside or beyond

Braw - fine or pleasant

Beastie - an insect or animal

Bumfle - an untidy bundle

November 20, 2019 — John Henderson