Aye, it's dreich!

Aye, it's dreich!

The word dreich has been voted the most iconic Scottish word in a recent survey by the Scottish Book Trust. 

Perhaps it's not surprising that a word to describe typical Scottish weather topped the poll, but what else made the top 10?

You'll find the full list below, but if Scots words tickle your fancy, why not check out the Scots books we have for sale, or if you're looking for something useful as well as verbal, try our Gie it Laldy mug range!

Top 10 Scots words

Dreich - tedious; damp and wet

Glaikit - stupid or foolish

Scunnered - disgust or strong dislike

Shoogle - shake or move from side to side

Wheesht - call for quiet or silence

Fankle - to tangle or mix-up

Outwith - outside or beyond

Braw - fine or pleasant

Beastie - an insect or animal

Bumfle - an untidy bundle

November 20, 2019 — John Henderson
News of the Bru

News of the Bru

We reported recently about a campaign to storm the Irn Bru factory to get hold of original recipe Irn Bru.

But now makers A.G.Barr have announced the release of a high sugar limited edition version call 1901, based on an ancient recipe found in the company's vaults.  

With even more sugar than the recently halted original recipe, 1901 is set to be released on December 2nd, and is sure to delight all fans of Scotland's national fizzy drink. 

Robin Barr, great-grandson of founder Robert Barr, said: 

“This is Irn-Bru as you’ve never tasted it. It’s a chance to enjoy a unique and authentic piece of Scottish history. We don’t think it will be around long!"

October 28, 2019 — John Henderson
Best fancy dress ever?

Best fancy dress ever?

The Halloween fancy dress worn by Scottish school girl Caoimhe Flynn, five, from Glasgow, has gone viral and is in danger of breaking the internet.

All in black, riding a horse and sporting a traffic cone, Caoimhe's interpretation of Glasgow's iconic Duke of Wellington has caught the world's attention. 

The Daily Record and Scotsman have featured her outfit, and the general consensus has been that she has "won" Halloween for Scotland.

We couldn't agree more!

October 25, 2019 — John Henderson
Storm the Irn Bru factory!!!

Storm the Irn Bru factory!!!

Scots love their Irn Bru, and a new Facebook campaign is aiming to fire us up to storm the Irn Bru factory on 16th November.

The organisers want to get their hands on cans of original recipe Irn Bru, because they feel the new lower sugar version just doesn't cut it. 

Irn Bru lover Andrew Dinan launched the event on Facebook and over 14,000 people expressed an interest in just 2 days!

The event has since been blocked by Facebook, but Andrew is still trying to persuade fans, and even Lewis Capaldi, to join his crusade!



October 12, 2019 — John Henderson